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UMB Interface Converter ISOCON-UMB

ISOCON-UMB Communication Module for all UMB Sensors

ISOCON-UMB communication module for all UMB sensors with
  • Communication-watchdog for reliable sensor function (reset)
  • Overvoltage protection for all interfaces
  • LED indication for operation mode
converts RS485 into RS232. By installing several ISOCONS connected to a sensor on a standard  top-hat rail, the connected sensors can be networked easily.
  • Galvanic isolation, easy networking of different sensors, provides required power supply
  • RS485
  • 8160.UISO
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Operating conditions
Power supply 12...26 VDC
Power consumption ~ 45mA @ 24DC
Ambient temperature -30...60 °C
Relative humidity <95 % RH
Protection type IP20
Module width 23 mm
RS232 connector DSUB9
Sensor connector Screw type
Storage conditions
Ambient temperature -40...70 °C
Relative humidity <95 % RH
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