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Our Calibration Team: Fast, Flexible and Precise

With high technical competence and experience of many years our team around Lothar Blaschke is at your service. Due to the short ways and structures at Lufft, we work fast, flexible and precise. In the following we introduce you to our experts for calibration and adjustment:

Our experts for calibration and adjustment

Our team consists of professionals who are passionated and experienced in the calibration and adjustment of temperature, dew point temperature, humidity, flow, pressure as well as factory certificates.

Lothar Blaschke - Director of Calibration Services

Lothar Blaschke - Director of Calibration Services has been in charge of the calibration laboratory since 2018. Prior to this, he worked as a development engineer at Lufft for more than 20 years on the environmental parameters of temperature, humidity, pressure, flow and precipitation. There, he was significantly involved in the development of data loggers, hand-held measuring instruments and radar-based precipitation sensors.

The calibration team

In addition to Lothar Blaschke, you can rely on the professional competence and long experience of Sven Birnbaum, Frank Bidmann, Sandro Morganella and Francesco De Marco, who will be happy to assist you.
Both Sven Birnbaum and Frank Bidmann have been Deputy Laboratory Managers of the DAkkS since 2015 and have been active in the calibration laboratory for many years.

Consulting / Service: Your direct line to the Lufft calibration lab

Your customer service representative for all areas of the calibration laboratory is Anna Dezer, who will be happy to assist you with words and deeds.



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Your Expert in Calibration Services

Lothar Blaschke
Director of Calibration Services
Tel.: +49 711 518 22-0

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Inside Lufft Calibration Laboratory:

DAkkS accredited Calibration Service

Accredited performance spectrum according to the accreditation certificate.