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Lufft Calibration Service Portfolio

The Lufft Calibration Service

We offer an Instrument Calibration service for almost all models and sensors of environmental measurement equipment for detection of temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and flow. Our team of qualified technicians working in our in-house laboratory ensure that your instruments are performing as they should be and conform to all relevant manufacturer standards. We will issue you with a detailed calibration certificate outlining the calibration results of your equipment. All our lab certificates are traceable to national and international standards. With a typical 5 day turn around, we offer you a fast, reliable and competitive service for all your sensor equipment calibration needs.

Our Scope of Services:

  • Issuing of certificates on supply of new products
  • Online certificate management
  • Calibration and adjustment of third party products
  • Hire of calibrated equipment during the calibration validity period
  • Test equipment monitoring over the entire service life

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Portfolio of accredited Services:

In the Lufft calibration laboratory, which is accredited by the DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle = German accreditation body), your instruments are calibrated to your individual needs. The calibration is performed in specifically equipped laboratories. The Lufft calibrationservice has also wind tunnels and clima chambers that can operate according to all common demands.

Portfolio of accredited services

Sample of a Calibration Certificate

Calibration order form

Lufft offers these services not only for instruments out of their own product range but also for instruments of other brands. If you want to have more information about Luffts´calibration service,  you should get in contact with us. So that you can always rely on your measuring results and are not left standing out in the cold.