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StaRWIS-UMB - Stationary Road Weather Information Sensor - discontinued

StaRWIS is the first non-invasive road weather sensor detecting road and runway surface conditions, surface temperatures, relative humidity, dew point temperatures, ice percentages as well as friction non-invasively and based on innovative LED Technology with 4 lenses.

IMPORTANT: StaRWIS-UMB Road Weather Sensor is discontinued

  • Optical LED transmitters, photo receivers, pyrometer, infrared
  • Bluetooth, RS485, CAN-Bus, UMB - protocol
Brochure - Lufft - Image brochure (EN)
Image Brochure with description of all Lufft market segments
Brochure - Lufft - MARWIS (EN)
Firmware - Lufft - MARWIS / StaRWIS
Version 44
Manual - Lufft - MARWIS (EN)
Manual - Lufft UMB Protocol (EN)
Quickstart - Lufft - StaRWIS - Road Sensor (DE/EN)
RoHS - Declaration of Conformity / Konformitätserklärung - MARWIS / StaRWIS
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Version 1.5
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