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Energy-saving in the holiday paradise: The Constance Hotels and Resorts rely on WS504

The Constance Hotels & Resorts have sites in Mauritius, in the Seychelles and the Maldives. There, the operators mounted automatic weather stations including the weather sensor WS504 and the precipitation meter WTB100 from Lufft for a special purpose:

"Constance Hotels & Resorts Engineering does its own researches to determine the influence of the meteorological conditions on the energy consumption of our resorts. The studies carry on air conditioning systems adjustment, condensation issues, sun, wind or rain harvesting, natural light and ventilation usage, and many other fields where weather conditions play a key role in our global energy saving program. In order to develop proper strategies, it was essential to have accurate data directly from each resort and the WS504 suits our needs perfectly. By analyzing the continuous flow of data transmitted by the instruments, our engineers have been able to launch programs that have started to pay off", explains the Group Technical Manager Philippe Offre of Constance Hotels & Resorts.

Compact Weather Sensor WS504 with detection of radiation, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed

WS504-UMB Smart Weather Sensor - discontinued

Compact all-in-one weather sensor with measurement of temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed and radiation.

Compact all-in-one weather sensor from the WS-Series. Measurement of temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed and radiation.

  • Temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, radiation
  • Ultrasonic/Wind, NTC/T, Capacitive/RH, MEMS capacitive/Pressure, Tiltable Pyranometer Lufft/Radiation
  • Wind detection with birdproof construction. Compact all-in-one weather sensor, tiltable pyranometer, low power, heater, aspirated radiation shield, maintenance-free operation, open communication protocol.
  • RS485 with supported protocols UMB-Binary, UMB-ASCII, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-ASCII, XDR and SDI-12
Product picture Lufft Tipping bucket rain gauge WTB100

Rain Gauge WTB100

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge with Bounce-Free Reed Contact

Tipping bucket rain gauge with bounce-free reed contact

  • Rain/precipitation quantity
  • Tipping bucket with bounce-free reed contact (normally closed)
  • Resolution can be switched from 0.2 to 0.5 with reduction ring, connectable to any WS-sensor without precipitation measurement
  • Impulse output (reed contact)
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