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Several Lufft CHM 15k ceilometer projects in India

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) is a scientific institution based in Pune. It is a premiere research institute to generate scientific knowledge in the field of meteorology and atmospheric sciences that has potential application in various fields such as agriculture, economics, health, water resources, transportation, communications, and more.

So far they acquired two units of Lufft CHM 15k Ceilometers. One is deployed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and the other at their Observatory in Solapur. The first one was initially used for the cloud interference study due to "smog" that occurred because of stubble burning in the fields of Punjab last year. It has continued but for airport-related cloud profiling. The second CHM is used for the "cloud-seeding" project "CAIPEEX", which stands for "Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment".

Meanwhile, we received their new order for the supply of two more units of CHM 15k ceilometers, which will be used for the "National Monsoon Mission" project.

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Lufft Ceilometer 15k, Nimbus, 15 km range, cloud height measurement, automatic heating symstem, optical lasers, multiple cloud layer detection, aerosol detection

Ceilometer CHM 15k „NIMBUS“

The LIDAR-based cloud height sensor / ceilometer CHM 15k is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate

Exact results due to high sensitivity of the used lidar sensor technology! Reliable and accurate results at any time of the day or night are ensured by long-life laser sources, filters with narrow bandwidth and high-sensitivity photodetectors.

  • Aerosol backscatter profile, cloud base height, cloud penetration depth, aerosol layer height, cloud cover, vertical visibility, Sky Condition Index
  • Optical (LIDAR)
  • Measuring range up to 15 km (50,000 ft), optimized detection of several cloud layers, simple eye-safe operation, service-friendly modular device design, various data telegrams including raw data
  • RS485, LAN, RS232 oder Modem V.21, V22
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