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Weather Measurement in Extreme Conditions - Whistler Mountain

Whistler Blackcomb mountain is a premiere winter resort in British Columbia Canada. Some months ago our team installed the first Ventus-UMB ultrasonic anemometer atop a main ski lift on the Whistler mountain. The first winter storm passed leaving the entire mountain and all mechanical equipment covered in snow and ice... except the Ventus-UMB.

The Ventus-UMB continued to give accurate wind speed and wind direction data through the storm. Now there is a plan to install more Ventus-UMB sensors at the Peak chair near the summit of Whistler mountain.

VENTUS Anemometer - ultrasonic wind sensor - sonic wind sensor for wind turbine control

VENTUS-UMB Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction even in the lowest temperature

Thanks to the ultrasonic measuring method the wind sensor Lufft Ventus has no moving parts and therefore needs almost no maintenance. It measures wind speed and wind direction according to the WMO guideline and acquires the barometric pressure.

  • Wind speed, wind direction, virtual temperature, barometric pressure
  • Ultrasonic
  • Wind detection with birdproof construction, maintenance-free measurement, suitable for extreme ambient conditions, ice-free operation, vibration and seawater resistant, compatible interfaces
  • SDI-12, RS-485 with supported protocols Binary, ASCII, NMEA, Modbus & analogue output
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