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Road Weather Systems and Pavement Sensors from Lufft

RWIS Solutions for Highways and Local Authorities

The increase of weather fluctuations and extreme weather events present a significant challenge to those responsible for keeping roads safe and passable. Accurate traffic weather information is key to efficient decision-making. A dense network of Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) enables you to monitor road weather conditions at the right spots. Lufft offers a variety of road weather sensor technologies to be integrated into such monitoring systems. They deliver key parameters such as temperature, pavement conditions, ice percentages, friction and more.

What are the benefits?

Our customers from highways agencies and local authorities have experienced the safety and efficiency improvements that are delivered by our systems. They confirm, that through our sensors they were able to:

  • Improve the predictability & reduce accidents due to icy, foggy or wet conditions
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Give evidence in case of an accident due to critical weather conditions

Road Weather System components at a glance:

With the Lufft Road Weather Sensors and Solutions you have everything you need to monitor your entire route. This helps you with planning and security-related decisions. We offer the following road weather system components:

  • Road weather sensors / ice alert sensors (embedded, contact-free, mobile)
  • Weather sensors
  • Visibility Sensors (fog detection)
  • Wind sensors / anemometers
  • Snow depth sensors
  • IP / webcam stations
  • Visualization software for data centers

Make the right decisions in critical weather conditions - with road weather and ice detection systems!

European RWIS projects

Curious about RWIS projects with the Federal State of Upper Austria, Autostrade per ltalia or Federal State of Salzburg? Find out more in our case study overview:

Download Case Study >

Michigan DOT - ARWIS Project

Lufft's open system architecture with smart sensors, open interfaces and easy integration of 3rd party sensors is crucial for many customers. This was also a key point for Michigan DOT:

Download Case Study >

Product portfolio at a glance

Find out more about our road weather product portfolio with our brochure about applications in weather critical operations.

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Download the RWIS whitepaper and learn how your equipment gets future-proof: