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Lufft Maintenance and Repair Service

Speed, dependability and competence are the hallmark of the Lufft maintenance- and repair service.
From a simple maintenance service that can be handled immediately, to the complete overhaul of your sensor or instrument: We will handle your order quickly and thoroughly.

Lufft Maintenance Service - for You on Site

Care and maintenance of your Lufft equipment prevents unnecessary repair and downtimes and extends the useful life of your measurement equipment. We will gladly take responsibility of your Lufft equipment by means of customized and scheduled maintenance contracts. Our experienced maintenance technicians will support you on site. Get in contact with us!

Lufft Repair & Installation Service - fast, reliable and competent

Should repair become necessary, we will provide timely repair help. Our service technicians will quickly analyze the cause of the problem on your Lufft product to keep downtimes at a minimum. Highest availability, dependable and trouble-free operation of your equipment is our goal.

If submission of your equipment to our repair centre is needed, please use the repair submission form to ensure rapid analysis and processing of your request...

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Get in Contact with us!

Please contact us in case of any issues concerning maintenance or repair of our sensors and instruments. We are here to help you out!

Phone: +49 711 518 22 0  |  E-Mail:

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Maintenance & Repair Service

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