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Lufft Measurement Principles

The main target in climate measurement e.g. in meteorology, traffic weather or solar monitoring, is to get the most accurate values you may rely on. Therefore there are a couple of different measurement principles, the Lufft sensors work with. In the following PDF documents you can find explanations for those partly complex principles. In addition to that there are graphs and formulas for the different climate sections Lufft deals with. 

1. Temperature and Humidity

  • Measurement principles and sensors for temperature/
    humidity measurement
  • Mechanical Thermometers
  • Electric Thermometers
  • Necessary concepts referred to the topic
    Download PDF

3. Wind and Flow

  • Flow types
  • Temperature radiation
  • Laws of radiation
  • Infos about Lufft dataloggers
    Download PDF


2. Pressure

  • Measurement principles and sensors for pressure measurement
  • Direct/mechanical pressure measuring instruments
  • Conversion of important pressure units
  • Necessary concepts referred to the topic
    Download PDF

4. Preciptation

  • Measurement Technologies for Amount /
    Intensity/Type of Precipitation
  • Tipping Bucket
  • Radar-Based Measurement
    Download PDF


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