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The Radar Precipitation Sensor & Present Weather Detector WS100 from Lufft

Discover the NEW Lufft WS100 Radar Precipitation Sensor

The Lufft WS100 is our precipitation sensor based on radar technology and with adjustable heating. It measures the speed of all forms of condensed water. These include rain, freezing rain, hail, snow and sleet.

The low-energy sensor detects precipitation from the first drops. It measures the precipitation intensity of up to 200 mm/h and detects drops with a size of up to 5.0 mm. Due to its maintenance-free operation, the intelligent sensor is especially suitable for places and recording areas that are difficult to access. Its possible uses are nearly unlimited.

Fast, safe & maintenance-free: The WS100 radar precipitation sensor in your application!

More to Discover in the WS100 - Sensor Guide:

What can you expect from the WS100 Sensor Guide? Download this free guide and get valuable information like...

  • an overview of the radar precipitation sensor
  • the Doppler radar precipitation measurement principle in general
  • a comparison of the radar measurement principle vs. other precipitation measurement methods
  • further information

To the Download of the Sensor Guide

100% Maintenance-free...

... thanks to the smart measurement principle, no moving parts and a fully closed housing design!

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Differentiation of rain, snow...

... sleet, freezing rain and hail with the WS100 precipitation type detection!

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When the first drops count...

... the WS100 radar reflection method is the right choice. From the first drops a precipitation event can be detected and reported! 

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Download the WS100 Guide for a technical overview of the precipitation sensor: