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Simultaneously keep an eye on 10 Solar Performance Factors

Many environmental factors influence the performance of solar plants, which can lead to noticeable losses or even damages. The new whitepaper explains why it is important to monitor these factors and gives valuable tips on how to choose the right weather sensor.

Free Whitepaper about the observation of factors influencing solar plant performances

The fastest possible achievement of the break even point of photovoltaic systems require the maximization of the annual yield, hence the annual amount of generated electricity. This involves a top system performance. For this, weather parameters such as temperatures and relative humidity and other influencing factors play an important role.

For each utility-scale PV plant, therefore, a professional weather station is a fixed component. It provides information about positive and negative influence factors, delivers explanations for output losses and helps optimize the performance.

Learn in our free whitepaper what counts when choosing a weather monitoring system for solar plants.