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Mechanical vs. Ultrasonic Anemometers for Wind Turbine Control

What do you think? Does the replacement of mechanical wind sensors trough ultrasonic anemometers in wind turbine control pay off after less than a few years? We analysed it for you...

Free Cost Benefit Analysis about Replacement of Mechanical Wind Sensors

Anemometers are vital components of utility-scale wind turbines and determine the performance of the turbine’s output.
In the market today, companies are transitioning to ultrasonic anemometers. These sensors contain no moving parts and are entirely electric, which reduces the probability of failure with other benefits for O&M providers. But when is a replacement worthwile?

You will find the answer in the free to download Cost Benefit Analysis! We captured the 5 year cost of different mechanical wind sensors and compared it with the cost of ultrasonic anemometers for wind turbine control!