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  • 16. Apr 2024 - 19. Apr 2024, Amterdam, NL Intertraffic 2024

    OTT HydroMet and Lufft join Intertraffic 2024

    The traffic industry is undergoing major changes and developments are on a fast track. Experience the latest solutions for today's challenges with all the experts in the field. Discover the latest trends in infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, road safety and parking! Visit us at booth number 05.338.

    Importance of Road Weather Monitoring 

    Meteorological conditions have a strong, often severe impact on road safety. Monitoring the weather and its effect on road conditions can save lives and support winter maintenance services in their hard yet vital work. 

    Around the world, professionals rely on stationary and/or mobile road weather information systems by Lufft, a trusted product brand of OTT HydroMet.  

    Our solutions are substantial for Ice and Road Weather Detection (RWIS), Traffic Control or Vehicle Management Systems (VMS), road maintenance depots, and operation managers to monitor road conditions, friction, temperatures, visibility and more. 

    A Comprehensive Portfolio of Proven Systems 

    At booth number 05.338, visitors will get an overview over state-of-the-art solutions to monitor road surface conditions, to measure all relevant weather parameters, and to integrate the data efficiently into a flexible software package. 

    Come to our booth and get an idea of OTT HydroMet’s comprehensive road weather monitoring portfolio. As a leading provider of innovative and easy-to-integrate solutions, we offer customizable options for various road weather applications – for yours, too. 

    Reliable Data. Confident Decisions. Safe Roads.

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